Monday, November 5, 2012


by Ilsa J. Bick

Out of the ashes, a new world emerges
A world stalked by the flesh-eating Changed – young, armed and hungry
A world ruled by the Elders, willing to kill to survive
A world in which no one is safe, and humans might be the worst of monsters
Alex and Tom, un-Changed, face unthinkable horror in their desperate struggle to find each other.
But the biggest terror of all is the monster within. Because no-one yet knows which young people Change, or why.
And no-one knows who will be next …-Back o' the Book

So I've been waiting so very (im)patiently for the second book of the Ashes Trilogy to come out and I nabbed it as soon as I could pre-order it. The first one was fantastic and the second was even better! It's fast paced the whole way through, I never felt any drag. The author does an amazing job of leaving you hanging at the end of every single chapter.

My only minor complain, or warning, would be the characters names are hard to keep track of if you read the last one a while ago like I did. I had to look up a quick summary to refresh my mind on all the names of the characters.

I can say I really don't want  to wait for the third book to come out (probably another year) but I am so very excited! I love this series!

-Recommended (Warning for graphic description/gore)

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